41 lots (13490 E Church Avenue)

California Land Development purchased this proposed development of 10 acres with approximately 41 residential lots. Plans call for lot sizes ranging from 6000 to 8800 square feet, with 35 lots being between 6000 to 7000 square feet and the rest to be over 7000 square feet. 15,000 square feet will be set aside for use as a city park.

Stewart directed negotiations for the purchase of the Sanger Property. He coordinated geotechnical consultants to evaluate the feasibility of the 41-lot plan for the subject site. California Land Developmentā€™s civil engineers and title companies were hired to perform due diligence in the form of site surveys and title reports. This project also involved the negotiation of road dedication and easement agreements with neighboring landowners.

  • Preliminary geotechnical report and site plan
  • Title Report
  • Construction Cost Estimates
  • Civil Engineer Property Survey
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement Negotiation
  • Processing Tentative Tract Map