Our Services

  • Feasibility Evaluation
  • Land Acquisition
  • Environmental and Architectural Professionals
  • Strategic Planning
  • Coordination of Engineering
  • Negotiation of Entitlement Process

In addition, Calandev can offer you, as a landowner, the following unique strengths:

Innovation and Flexibility

California Land Development uses the most innovative techniques and approaches to work with planning commissions, city council members, and other government officials to develop plans which meet multiple needs. This enables cities to meet their growth needs while keeping a balance with biodiversity, air and water quality, traffic, noise, and other environmental concerns.

Experience in Complex Processes

California Land Development’s professional team is well versed in the highly-complex procedures of obtaining approvals and securing financing.

Experience Managing Outside Consultants

Another key is to bring on board an “A” Team of qualified engineers, architects, and other professional consultants. California Land Development draws on a wealth of experience in knowing who to put on the team on a particular project, and coordinating, managing and overseeing the work to ensure that high quality work is completed in a timely and efficient fashion.

Proven Track Record of Success

The staff at California Land Development has over 45 years of experience in the real estate development business. With a proven record of success, handling and managing projects with an aggregate worth of multimillions.


California Land Development’s experience provides the ability to quickly and efficiently “change gears” when necessary, to direct a project to a successful conclusion.

Clients value the fact that we at California Land Development can design comprehensive solutions from A to Z for their projects. We help you plan the best use of your site, and review the feasibility of your plans in light of market conditions. Clients do not need to expend their energies putting together a professional team. We help you obtain bids, select the right professionals, negotiate contracts, and oversee the design and development efforts.

If necessary we can assist in obtaining third party financing, or even make the project a joint venture or other collaboration. With our proven expertise, Calandev works closely with owners with the goal of minimizing stress and maximizing returns. Our experience saves clients time and money, as it helps in solving problems, making the right contacts, crafting workable solutions, and achieving the desired results.